Cohesive Strat 6TH2 (1)
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This Workshop will provide an innovative, shared-learning environment for exploration, discussion, understanding, brainstorming, connection and collaboration around the issues we now must face collectively to improve outcomes related to wildland fire. In addition to a robust program we will be hosting an exhibition for our sponsors and those interested in gaining excellent exposure to 200 + individuals who will come together to discuss the Cohesive Strategy.

Who will be there?

This Workshop is considered “mission critical” for anyone working on these issues in local, state, Tribal and federal agencies and organizations as well as non-governmental organizations and private companies. There is no other forum in the nation that provides these opportunities.
  • State, Federal and Tribal land managers, agency administrators and fire managers
  • Federal, State and Private natural resource planning specialists
  • Local planning officials
  • Emergency management and law enforcement personnel
  • Wildfire risk reduction and post fire recovery practitioners
  • County and city management
  • Utilities management