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Will the 2022 event be virtual, hybrid or in-person?

This page contains in-depth information about the presenter experience for the 4th National Wildland Fire Management Cohesive Strategy virtual workshop. We are using PheedLoop to operate our virtual online event platform. PheedLoop is a virtual platform that is meant to cover all aspects of an in-person event, Workshop attendees will navigate PheedLoop like any type of webpage: there is a homepage, or “lobby”, navigation tools, sessions, exhibit hall, poster presentations, networking, and more.

Program Schedule (PDF)

The recommended browser is Google Chrome. Download browser.

View Presenter Orientation recording.

4th National Wildland Fire Management Cohesive Strategy Virtual Workshop Presenter Orientation from Int’l Assoc. of Wildland Fire on Vimeo.

Attendees and presenters make their own personal, customizable profiles. This provides greater opportunities for networking and connecting with other presenters, attendees, and exhibitors at the conference. Also, attendees and presenters can send direct message, participate in group chats, participate in group and private video meet ups, and more.

Speaker Portal

Speakers should have received an email from the IAWF/PheedLoop which will give you access to your Speaker Portal.  If you have not received an email, please contact us.

  1. Update your profile (don’t forget to save at the bottom of the screen)
  2. Review your session date and time.
  3. Review your session title for accuracy.
  4. Review and update your session description if needed – you may update for typos or grammar, please do not change the intent of your presentation. This abstract will be the information seen by the attendees so please remove any notes to the reviewers or other information not necessary for the audience.
  5. Add additional authors in the session description.
  6. Add Co-Speakers – this feature may be unavailable to you if you did not add the co-speaker earlier. Please contact us and we will help you add them.
  7. Add session files, please upload your power point presentation and/or video for your presentation, mark the box Private File. You can also add resources that you would like made available to the attendees, just do not mark the Private File box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not use the Speaker Portal to enter the Virtual Event Platform, on September 27th you will receive a separate login for the conference.

Pre-recording Presentation

For any virtual presentation – live or pre-recorded, there are many considerations and tips for crafting a successful presentation before you get to the actual recording, including a plethora of ideas to engage attendees during a virtual experience. Here is a great resource Tips for a Successful Virtual Presentation.

Virtual Presentations TIPS

You can use any platform to pre-record your presentation, such as Zoom, WebEx, Go to Meeting, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. You can also use the recording feature in PowerPoint, there are hundreds of tutorial videos on YouTube for your convenience.

PheedLoop supports a single MP4 file up to 2 GB (duration of video depends on resolution, usually 30 – 90 minutes of HD quality), typically 16:9 aspect ratio. If your file is too large, we can host it on a platform such as Vimeo or YouTube. Please contact us if your file is too large to upload.

Pre-recorded videos must be uploaded to your Speaker Portal (Session Files) by:

Tools and Resources – September 20th
Ignite Talks – September 30th
Other pre-recorded talks – September 30th
Poster Presentations – October 1st

Live Presentations

If you are delivering a live presentation, we will use PheedLoop’ s native streaming service, called Meet and Stream. You will share your screen and present your presentation, just as you would in Zoom or other similar platforms.

You will join the “backstage” at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled session, giving us time to do a tech/audio check and ensure you are comfortable.  We will have tech support in each session.

Before you join please ensure your audio and video are working properly and have your presentation open and ready to go on your screen. 

As the presenter, it is up to you how you handle the Q&A. Attendees will not be able to turn on their microphone and camera, they will add their question via chat and Q&A.

You may also use the polling feature. To add polls, click on the back stage and find your session. Click on Polls and add your polling questions. You will be able to do this after the site opens on September 27th.

We will provide a moderator to help monitor the chat, questions and launch polls.

If you would like to send me a pre-roll video, please send by September 27th  This is the short 15 -30 second video that will play on a loop and will be visible until your session goes live, think of it as a advertisement for your session. Here is a sample pre-roll video

Please upload your pre-roll video through your Speaker Portal (Session Files).

Poster Presentations

Presenters will upload their e-posters to their Speaker Portal. Poster Presenters also have the option of uploading a short video explaining their poster. Posters and recordings will be available on-demand to conference attendees.

October 5th from 8:15-8:45 am you will join your poster presentation on the Tools/Resources and Posters Tab. Find your presentation and join as an attendee. Click on Join Live to open a live video room. Attendees will join you to ask questions or hear you talk about your poster. You can also chat with attendees in the chat section.

E-posters need to be uploaded in advance of the conference to be included in the program (deadline October 1).

  1. Posters can be in landscape or portrait orientation. Conference delegates will be viewing your poster on their computer screen, so please be mindful of the size of your images and fonts.
  2. E-poster size (in) – 24 x 36. Posters can be in landscape or portrait orientation. Conference delegates will be viewing your poster on their computer screen, so please be mindful of the size of your images and fonts
  3. File format: .pdf or .jpg

A short video describing your poster is optional – the maximum time for this recording is 3 minutes. Videos need to be uploaded in advance of the conference (deadline October 1) to be included in the program.

  1. The goal of the short video is to give the kinds of information/elevator pitch you would present to someone approaching your poster in person. This can be as short as you’d like but has a maximum length of 3 minutes.
  2. Accepted formats include: wmv, .mp4 or .mov      
    The following formats are NOT accepted: .ppsx, .pptx, .ppt, .pps

If you have any questions, contact:

Mikel Robinson
International Association of Wildland Fire