Cohesive Strat 6TH2

Program Schedule

We are pleased to share the program schedule for the 6th National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Workshop will be grounded in the opportunity for presenters and audience members to learn from each other about tools, ideas and examples of successful Cohesive Strategy implementation. In addition, most sessions will “workshop” the development of coherent actions and solutions for challenges that are keeping interest-holders from implementing the Cohesive Strategy. These actions will be prioritized by the audience and carried forward by audience members, the Wildland Fire Leadership Council and its three regional strategy committees.

In addition, we are offering two pre-workshop training opportunities on Saturday and Sunday prior to the workshop. The training is free, however, you will need to register in advance. Learn More 

Also, on Sunday afternoon from 2:00 – 5:00 you are invited to join Dr. Tim Brown, Research Professor, Climatology and Director of Western Regional Climate Center at the Desert Research Institute and Dr. Tamara Wall, Research Professor, Atmospheric Science at the Desert Research Institute for a facilitated session to develop draft recommendations for USDA and NOAA that will be reported back to fire management agencies and NIDIS to inform guidance.

We look forward to seeing you in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city unlike any other, truly living up to its tagline, The City Different.